The Outsiders

Continuity mistake: When Dally falls off his chair in the drive-in movie theater, you can hear Ponyboy's laughter above them all. When the shot changes to Cherry, you can see Ponyboy with a serious face on in the background but you can still hear him laughing.

Continuity mistake: In the shot where Johnny has just killed Bob, the Soc, Bob is lying with his head to the side. But when Johnny cleans his blade from Bob's blood, Bob is facing upward in the background.

Continuity mistake: When Dallas is helping the kids out of the church during the fire, the boards covering the window change from shot to shot; first they are ripped out so you can see his waist and then they are as high as his chest.

Continuity mistake: When everyone is at the movies and Cherry throws her soda in Dally's face, he's dripping wet; you can see him blinking soda out of his eyes. A few lines of dialogue later, his face is completely dry, even though he didn't wipe it off with anything. It couldn't have dried so fast.

Continuity mistake: In the drive-in scene where Ponyboy and Cherry get up to get popcorn and soda, Ponyboy leaves with the popcorn Dallas gave him. They both purchase more popcorn and soda in the snack bar yet when they return to their seats, Ponyboy only has the popcorn he left with and Cherry has nothing.

Continuity mistake: When Dally robs the magazine store, as he takes the money and runs away you see the shop keeper reach downwards for his gun, but in the next shot his hand is up in the air holding it. It's far too quick for a normal person to carry out.

Continuity mistake: There is blood on the edge of the fountain after Johnny stabs Bob; the blood vanishes in the rest of the shots.

Continuity mistake: When Ponyboy and Randy are talking, the camera keeps switching back to Two-bit making fun of the other Socs. When it does this you can see Ponyboy and Randy in the background. If you look carefully at Randy his arms are resting down the side of the car, but when the camera goes back to him as a close up his arms are resting on the roof of the car. This happens several times.

Continuity mistake: When Ponyboy is getting jumped, the Socs try to stick a handkerchief in Ponyboy's mouth, and while they run away the handkerchief disappears.

Continuity mistake: In the rumble scene when the camera is moving in a line to show all the Greasers, it shows Two-Bit and Ponyboy to Darry's left. When the shot switches to Darry telling Ponyboy to stick close to him, Ponyboy and an unknown Greaser are to Darry's right. (01:19:00)


Continuity mistake: In the church when Ponyboy is reading Sodapop's letter, Dally is in the background with his left hand on his leg. When the shot switches to Dally, his hand is not on his leg, and he is lighting a cigarette. When the shot switches back to Ponyboy, Dally's hand is back on his leg.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Two-Bit and Ponyboy are visiting Dally in the hospital, when Dally asks Two-Bit for his switchblade, he extends his right arm back for it, and his left arm is under the sheets. In the next shot, his left arm is extended backwards, even though there was no time to switch arms.


Continuity mistake: In the opening scene, in the long shot, Dallas is leaning back against a lamppost with his knee bent and foot against the post, trying to light a cigarette. Cut to the close up, he's still trying to light the cigarette, but he's leaning in the pole with his shoulder.

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Factual error: Even though this film is set in 1965, Burlington Northern locomotives can be seen. The railroad was formed in 1970. Also, an EMD GP40-2 can be seen at the beginning of the film, but the first ones were built in 1972.


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Cherry: GET lost, hood.
Dallas: God, I didn't know you had this problem with, with yelling in my face.

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Trivia: S.E. Hinton, the author of "The Outsiders", has a cameo in the scene where Johnny is lying on his stomach in hospital, playing the nurse tending to Dally who says "what did you do with your gown?"

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Question: At the beginning of the movie when you see pony boy and johnny go up to Dallas you can here music playing in the background. When ponyboy asks "what d'you wanna do?" and dally goes "Nothin' legal, man." it gets turned up louder. Does anyone know the name of the song and the artist? I think it's called Gloria but I'm not sure.

Answer: That song is called Gloria and the artist who performed it is Van Morrison. Great song!

Jeanne Perrotta

Answer: Actually the version that was used was 'Gloria' by Them.

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