Taken 2

Factual error: Liam Neeson asks his daughter to set the grenade off and counts to 4 after that. He then calculates the approximate distance of the hotel from the place he was taken to, by multiplying the speed of sound (0.34 km/s) by the time taken for the sound to reach him (~4 seconds). Given those numbers, the distance between him and his daughter is about 1.36 km, whereas he calculates it to be 4.5 km. He also makes a minor slip up in using "circumference" instead of "diameter" when she draws the larger circle, but that's incidental to the real mistake here.

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Factual error: Bryan tells Kim to go to the US Embassy if he doesn't return in 5 minutes, and enters "US Embassy" into the GPS. Later there is a chase scene that ends at a building with "United States Embassy" on the signage. This is impossible unless they drove about 6 hours to Ankara, the capital city. Istanbul has only a US Consulate (albeit a very impressive one).

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Factual error: In the end credits, when the list of songs appears, look at the credit for Alex Clare's song "Too Close". His name is misspelled as Alex Claire, a very noticeable typo.


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Bryan Mills: If I kill you, your other sons will come and seek revenge?
Murad: They will...
Bryan Mills: And I will kill them too.



Bryan is cornered in an Istanbul alley and engages in fierce hand-to-hand combat with Albanian gangsters. Bryan takes one of the gangsters hostage, holds a gun to the gangster's face and threatens to kill him. Another gangster doesn't even hesitate to shoot Bryan's hostage in the back multiple times, and the guy drops down dead at Bryan's feet. Bryan is frozen on the spot. Camera cuts to another Albanian gangster entering the alley, holding Lenore hostage. Camera cuts to close up of Bryan, who quickly calls his daughter Kim to warn her. Camera cuts back to a full view of the alley, and the dead guy at Bryan's feet has completely vanished.