Out of Sight

Corrected entry: Karen Sisco is given a birthday present from her father and tells him she'll come over Sunday and watch the Super Bowl with him, which is always in January. But when Buddy looks at her driver's license, we see that her birthday reads 4-25-70.


Correction: What's the mistake? I've been given birthday gifts late or early plenty of times. Perhaps her father is traveling when her birthday occurs, and decided to give her present early. Perhaps he is moving, or already lives in a different town, state, or even country. There's many reasons people don't always give a birthday present on the actual birth date.


Corrected entry: When Karen Sisco is at Adel's apartment, the man who wants to talk to Adel to find out where Jack Foley is breaks out one of the glass blocks in the door to unlock it. After Karen cuffs him and reopens the door, the glass block is back in place.

Correction: Look again. After he breaks the glass panel, reaches inside, and opens the door, we never see that portion of her door again. Her door stays open, and we see the other two intact panels, but we never see the broken one again. We also see a DIFFERENT door intact, but not hers. Remember: Her door has swung open, so right is now left and left is now right.

Corrected entry: When Karen calls Daniel from Adel's apartment after catching Churino, Daniel says two things that benefit the plot despite making no sense. He greets her by telling her he's been looking for her all day, and then after she asks if she could be on the task force if she brought in Churino, he tells her to go to the Adams Hotel, where Buddy and Jack were. What makes no sense is, if she was not on the task force yet, hence her calling Daniel to request to be on it, why was he trying to get in touch with her all day and why would he tell her to get down to the Adams Hotel to help the task force try to catch Jack and Buddy?

Correction: There isn't a mistake in that. Daniel might have been calling to see what she was up to, another assignment, it could have been about a crossword puzzle he couldn't figure out and only she knew the answer. As for the assignment what is exactly wrong with that? She wanted to be a part of the task force, he made her.

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Corrected entry: At the end, when Karen is talking to her dad in a voiceover while she's getting ready to leave her hotel room, she says she's not sure if they will bring Jack up on the homicides (plural). But if you go back, the only person he shoots is Kenneth, and that was to save the life of the maid.

Correction: Michigan has a felony-murder rule, which makes anyone caught committing certain felonies liable for the death of any and all persons who died while the felony was being committed, even if someone else (like a partner-in-crime) actually killed them. Thus, by committing a Home Invasion, Jack could have been charged with the murder of all three of the people who died while it was going on, namely, Snoopy, Kenneth and White Boy Bob.

Corrected entry: When George Clooney goes back to rescue the maid, he stands outside the door and calls her name. The villian shoots holes in the door from the other side. When Clooney bursts in, the villain has to scramble to get his gun from the table next to the bed, thus giving Clooney long enough to shoot him. Why did he need to pick up the gun when he'd only been firing it at Clooney a couple of seconds before?

Correction: He needed to scramble to get his gun from the nightstand because he used a double barreled shotgun to shoot the holes into the door, which is obvious because he throws it on the floor.

Plot hole: When Karen is at Moselle's apartment looking for Snoopy, we overhear Kenneth on the phone talking about some boxers who are going to fight. The first thing we hear is him clarifying that the fights were at the State Theater. The fights are always at the State Theater and they always go there to watch them, so it makes no sense for him to have said that, other than to subtly benefit the plot.

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Adele: Hey bank robber! Hey, want some advice? Next time keep the engine running.

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Question: When Karen is being questioned by her superior in the hospital, he has her written report. But, when did she have time to write it? She met Foley, got thrown in the trunk, got into an accident, then went to the hospital.

Answer: Movies tend to gloss over realistic details and compress events to tell the story. It is possible she dictated it into a recorder and someone transcribed it into a written report.

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