The Vow

The Vow (2012)

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Continuity mistake: In the very beginning, the truck that hits the vehicle does so from straight behind. However, when they pan out, someone the truck is perpendicular to the crashed car. The snow tracks don't show the car that was hit swerving, and there aren't any tracks to show that the truck reversed either.

Continuity mistake: When Paige arrives home from the market after finding out about her fathers affair, her mother is planting flowers in the front yard. Paige gets off her bicycle and throws it down, the seat facing her mother and the basket facing the camera. While they are talking you can see the handle bars in front of the mother's face. When Paige yells "he cheated on you with my friend, how could you stay with him!?" You can see the bicycle positioned back to the way it was thrown down. When Paige turns to walk away, towards the house, you can see the bicycle lying up under the small trees to the far right. (01:26:00 - 01:28:00)


Continuity mistake: Paige is still admitted into the hospital and her and Leo are eating in the cafeteria, he meets her parents for the first time in the VIP room. When Paige says "OK look, what I remember is being in Law School and being engaged to Jeremy," you can see people diagonally behind her, sitting at their own table. Then it shows Leo tongue-tied and cuts back to Paige standing up, the people are suddenly gone from the table behind her. (00:22:15)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where they're sitting and eating breakfast (he made the huge breakfast) he's reading a newspaper. He puts the newspaper down, in the next shot it's back in his hand, the shot after it's back on the table.

Paige: Are you trying to make me diabetic or just fat?

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