Spooky Buddies
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Budderball: It's time for us to get some treats. Watch and learn.
Mudbud: The dude begs, he chases his tail, then rolls over, and for the finale, Budderball's signature trick: plays starving.
Rosebud: If Budderball's an expert at anything, it's begging for treats.

Budderball: I can't wait for tonight. Halloween is my favorite event of the year, paws down. You do a trick, and you're guaranteed to get a treat.
Rosebud: It's trick or treat, Budderball.
Budderball: Even better.

Zelda: I sense that you puppies are in danger.
B-Dawg: Only if we end up at your groomer.

B-Dawg: Yo, dawgs! The gumball is talking to us.

Warwick: Thank you! It's good to be loved, but it's better to be feared.

Zelda: I am all-knowing and all-seeing. I specialize in the mystic and otherworldly. I also do doggie weddings and doggie bar mitzvahs.

Pip: I promise I won't hurt you.
B-Dawg: That's what ghosts always say before they eat you.
Pip: Ghosts don't eat. There's no way for us to.
Budderball: That's the saddest thing I ever heard.

B-Dawg: I have a plan.
Mudbud: B-Dawg has a plan?
B-Dawg: I can have a plan.

B-Dawg: Yo, if you want a paw-tograph, I ain't in the mood.

Other mistake: When the evil warlock breaks his way out of the condemned house, he uses explosives to escape, but for some odd reason, the door is the only thing affected by the explosion.

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