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Continuity mistake: When Brant kills Barry at the end of the movie, Brant lowers his gun after shooting him, but in the next shot he is pointing his gun at Barry. Also, the scene shows Brant holding a semi-automatic style handgun before shooting Barry, then when the scene pulls out it shows him holding a revolver, then shows him holding the semi-auto again.

Continuity mistake: In the last scene of the movie, a semi-automatic handgun turns into a revolver when fired. (01:55:00 - 01:55:30)

Other mistake: When the chief of police is introducing Porter Nash as the new Acting Inspector he shows a copy of a paper which, if you look carefully, tells about a second cop being shot. Later in the film, the second cop is shot and then the chief is shown to be reading the same paper. (00:13:25 - 00:18:15)


Continuity mistake: In the last sequence of the movie, after the bad guy was shot, the gay cop puts the weapons of the last combat in a very wrinkled bag, but when the two cops are near the elevator, the bag turns into a perfectly ironed one.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Brant is chasing Blitz on the bridge, they run along the same pedestrian (guy with afro hair) twice. The third time we see the pedestrian, everyone around him disappears. And when they are in the middle of the road, the cars seem to change places: after the grey Peugeot passes (from right to left) we see a grey VW which changes to black and then again to grey). (01:05:40)

Plot hole: They let the bad guy go because "lack of evidence", that should not be the case. We know from earlier we have the killer's voice on tape talking to the reporter, admitting everything. (00:40:00 - 01:10:00)

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Question: Does Nash call Tom Brant by his real name when at the train tracks when Brant (aka Jason Statham) tries to attack the killer. I thought I heard Nash say "Jason, calm down Jason"?

Answer: No, Brant does yell "Jesus Christ!" and then Nash says "Calm down, calm down", so you may have misheard that as Nash saying "Jason".

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Answer: Yes; he definitely says Jason.

Answer: The answer is "no, he doesn't say Jason." After Nash says "get this piece of s*** our of here", he turns to Brant and says "Just calm down."


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