The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

The walnut-shaped device Makoto accidentally touched at the start of the film "charged" her with its remaining power to time leap. Makoto uses her last leap to avoid Chiaki's phone call asking if she knows about time leaping. Immediately after the phone call Kosuke and Kaho are killed in the train crossing accident originally meant for Makoto. Time stops. Chiaki reveals that he is a time traveller from the future and leaped through time in order to see a painting being restored by Makoto's aunt, as it has been destroyed in his present. Chiaki hints that his era occurs after a catastrophe has decimated most of mankind. He reveals that he has used his final leap to prevent Kosuke's accident and has stopped time only to explain what the consequences will be. Chiaki disappears when time begins. She discovers that Chiaki's last leap inadvertently restored her own final time leap. Makoto leaps to the moment when she gained her powers. She reveals everything that he told her in the future. Makoto promises to make sure the painting stays safe so Chiaki can see it in his time. As Chiaki leaves, he tells Makoto he will be waiting for her in the future, which Makoto responds that she will run towards.


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