Revealing mistake: When Gary Oldman is following Kate Beckinsale to the kitchen after first arriving at her home, you can see his lower legs dragging along the floor through the glass coffee table as he shuffles on his knees.

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Revealing mistake: When Rolfe is walking down the hallway to Sally's apartment, there is an orb where the hallway is lighter colored and his legs seem to jump and undulate due to the special effect used to hide the fact that the actor is actually full-sized, walking on his knees.

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Carol: Have you ever been involved with a little person sexually?
Steven Bedalia: No, just kid's stuff, you know? Y'know, all the kids would come over, we'd sit in a circle, play doctor and that kind of thing. Couldn't have been more than ten or twelve, so that doesn't really count.
Carol: So you had a circle jerk with a bunch of little people? I would have loved to see that.
Steven Bedalia: You would like to see that.
Carol: Yes, I would.

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