The Hunted

Plot hole: When the police inspector asks the uniformed officers how Racine had been killed, they reply that he had been hit with a throwing star coated in poison. For some reason, none of them mention the obvious and significant fact that his throat had been slit as well.

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Plot hole: After leaving the hospital, Racine ducks into a pachinko parlor. In there, he gets a young girl to help him find a telephone and a taxi. The problem is, she is about 10 years old, and you have to be 18 to even enter a pachinko hall. The attendants we can see in charge would have evicted her within minutes.

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After Racine is wheeled out of the hotel on a stretcher, the uniformed police officers hand their inspector an evidence bag with the weapon used on Racine, a throwing star coated in poison. The inspector looks at it, then returns it with orders to take it to the laboratory to determine the poison. However, when we see Racine on the operating table, the star is shown, lying in a puddle of blood on the operating table, as if the doctors just now had pulled it out of him.