Question: On their helmets were two torches (flashlights). The bigger light had two options, an LED cluster and a standard bulb. Wouldn't the battery have lasted longer if they chose the LED option?


Chosen answer: Being someone who uses the PETZL Duo headtorch (the light used in this movie) I can say that yes, the LED option lasts MUCH longer than the standard bulb.


Continuity mistake: When Victoria is about to abseil into the cave she is abseiling right handed (i.e using her right hand behind her to brake). In the next shot when she leaps and begins abseiling, she abseils left handed. There is no time between shots for her to move the rope to her other side and change hands. (00:14:45)


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Dex: Josh is his own man. He doesn't take after his dad much.
Josh: What, you mean I'm not an emotional shutdown Nazi asshole?

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