No Strings Attached
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Alvin: She's just so hot.
Adam: I know how hot she is.
Vanessa: That's really sweet, thanks guys!
Adam: Fuck you!

Shira: God, I am single as fuck.

Adam: You can't just suddenly call me and say you miss me!
Emma: I know...
Adam: No, do not call me to say you miss me. Do not text me, do not e-mail me... Do not write it on my wall! If you really miss me, come here and tell me that!

Shira: I just pulled a penis out of a Vitamin Water yesterday, so we are cool with penises here.

Eli: I'd have sex with a pioneer, for sure.

Alvin: How long have you two been together?
Emma: Oh, we're not.
Adam: We're sex friends.
Emma: Yes we are.
Adam: Friends with benefits. Fuck buddies.

Lucy: Fuck you, Chuck! You're very talented but fuck you!

Lucy: Chuck! If I catch you taking pictures of your dick one more time I'm taking that thing away.

Sandra Kurtzman: You know I worry about you sometimes.
Emma: Why? Is this about me not having a date?
Sandra Kurtzman: No, I know you can dance alone. I know that you'll be fine. You're always fine.
Emma: So?
Sandra Kurtzman: I don't know. When we lost your father I couldn't stand to see you in pain and I think you knew that. I think that you got good at being strong for me. I'm telling you be hurt. I can take it. The world can take it.

Eli: I'm not saying Alvin and I did mushrooms together, but I'm not prepared to say we didn't.

Alvin: We don't get to pick who we fall in love with, and it doesn't happen like it should.

Emma: Do you wanna do this?
Adam: Do what?
Emma: Use each other for sex, at all hours of the day and night. Nothing else.
Adam: Yeah, I could do that.
Emma: Good. It's gonna be fun.

Patrice: Don't worry, we're all doctors here, so we've seen plenty of penises.

Eli: Ten years from now you're gonna be having sex with your wife. And it's gonna be in the missionary position. And one of you is going to be asleep.

Eli: You know what the best part about my gay dads is?
Adam: What?
Eli: They're never gonna eat out my ex-girlfriends.
Wallace: You and your dad are tunnel buddies, huh?

Adam: I'm warning you, if you take one step closer, I'm never letting you go.

Emma: Congrats? For what, having sex with you?
Adam: You did a good job, so... I thought you deserved a balloon.

Shira: We're sluts, Emma! We're dirty dirty sluts!

Alvin: When you're married and you do blow, try to stay away from women who want to fuck you. Even ugly women. Blow is blind, Adam. Blow is blind.
Adam: You're an asshole.
Alvin: But you're not. You got a good heart, Adam. Try to keep it.

Factual error: When Aston Kutcher is getting the first text from Natalie Portman, you can see his iPhone is showing June 12 on the lock screen as the current date. The text from Emma have also a date of "06/12/10" next to it within Messages app. On iPhone, the texts received on the same day should only show time at which message arrived, and not a date.


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