Black Swan

Black Swan (2010)

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Corrected entry: Recently, Natalie Portman was nearly sued by her stunt double, who claimed that Natalie didn't deserve the Oscar because she didn't do most of the dancing in the film.


Correction: Not really trivia, not really related to the movie. More of a news item.


Corrected entry: At around 56 minutes in, the doorbell rings and Nina's mom goes in front of a mirror, you can see a crew member pass in the mirror.

Correction: This is NOT a mistake. The reflection in the mirror is of the mother, who has just walked past.

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Erica: What happened to my sweet girl?
Nina: She's gone!



When Nina and Leroy are standing halfway up the stairs as he is about to announce that she is the new star ballerina, they both hold a glass of champagne. At first, Nina's glass is almost empty; at the end of the scene however, she is holding a full glass.



Actress Mila Kunis was actually recommended by Natalie Portman for the part of Lily.