Denise gets crushed in the car as they try to escape the apartment. Terry and Candice get sucked up by the aliens. Oliver blows himself and the apartment up. Jarrod and Elaine make it to the roof and get sucked up into the alien ship. Jarrod gets his brains sucked out by the aliens but finds he has control over the new alien body his brain is put in. He rescues Elaine before her brains get sucked out. The closing credits show him beating up the aliens inside the ship.


Deliberate mistake: When Jared is picked up at the airport in the limo, after the scene where the limo is driving down the interstate it cuts to a shot of several tall buildings. In the street at the bottom of the shot, the traffic is moving backwards if you watch the facing of the vehicles. Looks as if the film plates were flipped. (00:06:30)

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Jarrod: Where we going?
Oliver: All the way to the top is the safest place I can think of.
Jarrod: We were just up there.
Oliver: You want to stay the hell with them, be my guest.

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