The Park Is Mine
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Mitch: The park is mine.

Mitch: I never meant to hurt anyone.
Valery: You shove a gun in an old man's face and tell him you're gonna blow his head off, and he dies of a heart attack because he's so fucking scared, and you're not responsible because your gun isn't loaded?

Valery: You were in the Marines?
Mitch: No. US Army.
Valery: So, what did you do in the army?
Mitch: Sneak into places, blow shit up, and kill people.

Factual error: In the scene where Tommy Lee Jones's character shoots down the helicopter. The helicopter has a Canadian aircraft serial number - C-GLCD. Since it's being used by the New York Police Department in New York's Central Park we should expect it to display an American registered serial. (00:53:30 - 00:54:30)

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