Frozen (2010)

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Corrected entry: In the scene where the girlfriend's hand is frozen to the metal bar 50 feet in the air, she forces her hand loose and 1/2" of skin and blood is left frozen to the bar. Later on in the movie, they show the bar and her sitting there, and not even a mark on the bar.

Correction: The skin left on the bar gradually disappears over the next several scenes, implying it was picked off over time, or simply dried up and flaked off in the wind bit by bit. I know I would have picked it off so I wouldn't have to sit there and stare at it.

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Corrected entry: Why didn't any of the staff at the slope notice a car left in the carpark at the end of the day? Their vehicle is shown to still be there at the end.

Correction: Who's to say they didn't notice? They probably just didn't care. They didn't exactly seem to be highly responsible individuals, and they were all headed home early for a week off.

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Corrected entry: Throughout the whole film, almost no exhalation steam is visible when characters talk. Mind, it's winter and the air is freezing.

Correction: I rented "Frozen" and watched the featurettes. In one of them the director is talking about how after the actors (and any other human being) are in the cold for such a long time, the air inside them doesn't stay as warm as when they first were outside. He explained that at first there was lots of steam every time they talked. Then as shooting for that day progressed the steam wasn't there as much due to this cooling down a person experiences. The featurette shows how this film was totally filmed outside on location and how they got the equipment there, etc.

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