Heartbreaker (2010)


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Alex: Forgive you? For kissing me? You've awoken me. It's ages since I felt so alive.Thanks to you. But it's too late for me. I'm far away from here. I can't fall in love again. But you - you deserve the best.

Alex: In a couple there are three categories of women. The happy ones, the unhappy ones who cope... and the unhappy ones who do not admit it... That last category is my stock in trade... We exist to help them... Our job: Breaking up their couples... Our goal: to open their eyes... Our method: seduction... We break their couples, never their hearts... My name is Alex Lippi and today, I broke my own heart.

Marc: We open their eyes not their legs.

Factual error: When they land back at the airport you see the door open and hear the sound of the engines. However at the rear of the left engine you see the engine cover (red flag moving in the wind) still in place. The engine cover still on while the engine is running could cause serious damage or it would be blown out. It would be removed during preparation checks.


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