Corrected entry: All of the movie takes part in present day Scotland, however the 9th Legion was destroyed at Camulodunum, present day Colchester in Essex, north east of London, several hundred miles to the south.

Correction: The fate of the Ninth Legion is a matter of some debate. The last concrete information on its whereabouts places the Legion at Eboracorum, present day York, in approximately 108 AD. Subsequent evidence is, at best, circumstantial. That the Legion was lost in combat in a disastrous attempt to pacify Scotland is a not-uncommon belief, as can be seen by the sheer number of literary and cinematic works revolving around those supposed events, however most theories now suggest that the Legion survived its British posting, albeit with substantial losses, was posted at least briefly in the Netherlands and was finally destroyed during a conflict somewhere in the East.

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Factual error: The construction of Hadrian's Wall as shown at the end of the film is not historically accurate. A wooden wall was constructed first with a deep ditch on either side. One of the ditches should be visible as the characters approach the wall but it is not. The stone wall shown being constructed was not added until later and then it was constructed in sections. It did not become a continuous stone wall until some years later. In addition, the stone wall shown is not wide enough. Hadrian's Wall is around 2 meters wide at the top and even today you can comfortably walk on top of it.

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Bothos: Quintus, what's she doing?
Brick: She's a Pict and a woman - two good reasons not to trust her.

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