Shrek Forever After

Rumplestiltzken offers the "Deal of a Lifetime" to anyone who turns Shrek in, so Shrek turns himself in and wishes for all the captured ogres to be set free. Rumplestilzken locks Shrek up with Fiona. The loophole being that since Shrek was never born, Fiona's curse was never broken and she will become human at sunrise, so she is technically is not an ogre. Donkey and all the other ogres storm the castle and Shrek and Fiona escape. Rumplestiltzken is defeated, but it's too late - Shrek's day is up, so he starts to disappear. Fiona kisses him, which breaks the spell (True Love's Kiss, remember?). Shrek wakes up earlier in the film at his kids' birthday and they all live happily ever after.


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Puss in Boots: Feed me, if you dare.



Rumplestiltskin looks completely different in this movie than he did in the previous film Shrek The Third; Prince Charming momentarily talks to Rumplestiltskin in the tavern during the third film, and the character looks completely different, has a different voice and different demeanor.



The flute solos played by the Pied Piper were played by Jeremy Steig, a well-known jazz flutist. He is also the son of William Steig, the author of the original Shrek books.