Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Corrected entry: When Angie takes the picture of Patty on top of Greg, her hair is down. But when the newspaper is shown, Patty's hair is up.


Correction: In the picture, Patty's hair is up because the newspaper photo-edited it to make Greg's defeat more amusing.

Corrected entry: When Greg is walking the children in Rowley's raincoat, The number of children decrease from before they get into the hole into when they are in the hole.

Correction: I just went back and watched the scene. he is walking 10 kids and their was also 10 kids in the hole as well. So your entry was incorrect.

Corrected entry: During the "It's great to be me" scene, when the plump teenager begins to breakdance, the person actually dancing is thinner and you can see that the face is of a different performer. When the breakdance is over, the dancer is the 1st plump teenager again.

Correction: That's the joke: It's a very obvious stunt double.

Fawkes the Phoenix

Continuity mistake: When Greg and Rowley were sprayed with the milk like substance at Halloween by the 3 thugs in the red pick up, they ran off. Shortly after, their costumes and Rowley's shield showed no traces at all of the milk like substance.

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Chirag Gupta: Good God, man. You almost got the Cheese Touch!

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Trivia: When the orange dragon scorches the purple dragon to bones on the video game that Greg and Rowley are playing, you can hear the Wilhelm scream.

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