The Ghost Writer

Corrected entry: In the scenes where the Ghost Writer is driving to Professor Emmett's house, the BMW's navigation system immediately begins providing the Ghost with audible directions. If the Ghost's predecessor travelled to Professor Emmett's and was killed at some point on his return, the BMW navigation system would not still be trying to guide a driver to that destination again. First off, the BMW navigation system resets once the destination is reached - it stops providing audible guidance. Second, even if it did not reset, there is no way that any driver would have put up with listening to the GPS guidance system trying to redirect him to Professor Emmett's during his entire return trip. Every 30 seconds the system would have been barking orders such as "Take the next exit" or "When possible, make a legal U-turn."

Correction: We never know if the first Ghost actually arrived to Prof Emmet. This was a repeated assumption from McGregor but never really confirmed. The fact that the navigation system was still set on this target destination inplies that he never reached target. Exactly as you say, it resets after the target is reached. If he was abducted from the ferry on his way out, the car was left empty and the abductors did not get any indication, since the engine was off, that the sat nav had a set target. The person driving the car from the ferry and back to the garage would have noticed, but if he was a novice as McGregor himself in the handling of sat navs ( he would of course not need to actualy follow the direction to be able to check the set target), he would not understand or care about the ongoing audial directions.


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