Mighty Joe Young

There is a sad moment in which the audience is supposed to think that Joe is dead from jumping off the ferris wheel. Being a Disney movie, he finally opens his eyes and Jill is happy again. Also people start contributing money to Joe so that he can afford a habitat in Africa again.


Continuity mistake: When Joe helps the leopard to escape the sun on the floor changes between shots.

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Andrei Strasser: Monsterle! Monsterle.

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Question: The full version of "imba windpo" or something like that, that they play at Ruth Young's funeral plays at the end of the movie. Could somebody listen to the full song and translate the lyrics to English?

Answer: The song was written for the movie and is called "Windsong". The lyrics were originally written in English by Will Jennings then translated into whatever language that is. The music is written by James Horner (Titanic). The original lyrics were: "Sing a song and for a moment you will be visited by the wind. Sing a song and for a moment dream sweetly of the wind. Sleep now until the night is dawn. The wind and the night song, they are there. However the song, my child, will go on forever."

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