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Midnight Express (1978)

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Corrected entry: What makes Billy so sure (at least he looks very relieved after the famous, sweaty scene at Istanbul Airport) he won't have any problems dealing with the U.S.customs officers? Especially coming from a known "drug country" such as Turkey?


Correction: Being caught in Turkey would be a lot worse for him than being caught in the US. Getting out of the country would be the first step, it's not strange that he relaxes for a while after believing to have gotten out.

Visible crew/equipment: Towards the end of the film when Billy runs at the top of the screen towards the exit of the jail, you can see the film crew at the bottom of the screen.

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Billy Hayes: Dear Susan: Poor Jimmy was caught and beaten so badly he got a severe hernia, and lost a testicle. He's been in the sanitarium for months. In comparison, my problems seem very small.

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