Astro Boy
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Ham Egg: Stop! The Laws of Robotic! You can't hurt a human! It's been that way for 50 years.
Zog: I'm old school.

Astro Boy: What? I got machine guns... in my butt?

Dr. Elefun: When we extracted the positive blue energy from the fragment, we were left with this highly unstable by-product, negative red energy.
President Stone: I like that one. Women voters are partial to the color red, you know.

Dr. Elefun: Everybody has their destiny, Toby.
Astro Boy: Didn't you hear him? I'm not Toby.

Dr. Tenma: We have to go.
Astro Boy: This is it. This is what I was created for. This is my destiny.
Dr. Tenma: Toby, now.
Astro Boy: I'm sorry but this is who I am. Onward and upward... Dad.

French Waiter Robot: Table for one. Smoking or non-smoking?
Burning Robot: Smoking. I'm smoking. I'm definitely smoking.

Astro Boy: I know you're not dead. You're just pretending. (00:49:41)

Robotsky: What about... What about Astro?
Sparx: Oh, be quiet! If you can't come up with any simpler suggestion, then, kindly mind your own business.
Robotsky: Sorry.
Sparx: Think, think. I've got it.
Robotsky: What is it?
Sparx: Astro.

Trivia: Osamu Tezuka (creator of Astro Boy) makes a cameo appearance as a scientist in the film. He is wearing a beret and glasses.

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