Trivia: Wolfen is based on a book called The Wolfen (1978) by Whitley Strieber about predatory creatures terrorizing New York City.

Erik M.

Trivia: The film was mostly shot in the South Bronx "as is" - using the urban decay of the time as a backdrop with little need for sets.

Erik M.

Trivia: There are a few major differences between the movie and the book that it is based upon. For instance, the film suggests that the Wolfen may have Native American mythological roots-that they are wolf-like spirits that have taken physical form to hunt people; in the book, they are a separate, intelligent species from humans that preys upon weak, abandoned and likely "unmissed" people. Furthermore, the film suggests that the Wolfen will continue to predate on the forgotten with impunity; per the novel, they have been discovered with their corpses as evidence and open conflict is likely.

Erik M.

Dewey Wilson: They kill to protect family?
Old Indian: In the end, it's all for the hunting ground.

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