Southland Tales

Roland and Ronald (Seann William Scott) meet and shake hands. A white light emerges from their hands and the ice cream truck starts floating. Boxer (The Rock) dances with Krysta (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Madeline (Mandy Moore); he stops dancing, knowing that he's going to die, and the tattoo of Jesus on his back starts bleeding. Martin, also in the ice cream truck, shoots a rocket at the mega zeppelin and it crashes down. Martin jumps off the ice cream truck. Some rioters assault the USIDent office and kill Nana Mae Frost (Miranda Richardson). Roland says "I forgive you" repeatedly and Ronald repeatedly says "Friendly fire". Abilene (Justin Timberlake) is partying and narrates: "Revelation 21: And God wiped away the tears from his eyes, so the new Messiah could see out to the new Jerusalem. His name was Officer Roland Taverner, of Hermosa Beach, California. My best friend. He is a pimp. And pimps don't commit suicide."


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