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Corrected entry: When Greg is waiting to board the plane at the airport, there's no one else waiting with him. When he's dragged out after his outburst on the plane, the gate is full of people.

Correction: Maybe these people are there for the next flight out of that gate. There was obviously enough time for the security guards to show up. It could also have been a gate change from nearby and all the people moved.

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Corrected entry: In the scene when Greg is smoking on the roof, he hears Pam's dad speaking fluent Thai on the telephone. Thai is a tonal language, so each sound has a different meaning depending on its tone. Pam's dad is speaking in a monotone voice, so there is no way the person on the other end of the line would have understood him.

Correction: The person on the other end could probably work out the meaning from context, especially if they are used to talking to people who speak Thai as a second language.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: When Pam is explaining to Greg why she and Kevin have Top Gun nicknames for each other, she says it's because Top Gun was a very popular movie when she and Kevin dated. Top Gun came out in 1986, so Pam and Kevin couldn't have been any more than about 10 or 12 years old at the time.

Correction: Assuming that the characters are roughly the same age as the actors who play them, Pam would have been 16 or 17, and Kevin 17 or 18.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, Greg and Pam get on a plane in order to travel to Pam's parents' house, but they eventually arrive there in Greg's car.

Correction: He says very pointedly that it's a rental.

Corrected entry: Greg is going to use the bathroom, but discovers Mr. Jinx on the toilet. He switches off the bathroom light and leaves. However, the light switch is already in the "off" or down position. Furthermore, when Greg "turns off" the light, he just touches the switch, not flick it, but we hear the "click" sound effect and the light goes out anyway.

Correction: The light switch does move. Greg uses the far one, not the one closest to him as he stands in the bathroom's doorway.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Greg is getting acquainted with Pam's parents, Jack asks him what kind of car he's driving, and Greg tells him it's a Taurus. However, minutes before, as they drove in, you could see the back of the car and it was clearly a Ford Contour, not a Taurus.

Correction: Actually he is driving a Ford Taurus. While Greg doesn't know that much about cars, from someone that does, there is a clear difference between the Taurus and the Contour.

Correction: Greg may not know much about cars. He could have not been paying much attention to the make and model of the car (evident since he didn't even pick the colour) when it was rented.


Corrected entry: When Robert De Niro gives Ben Stiller the manual polygraph test at the airport, he uses his thumbs to supposedly take Stiller's pulse to determine whether or not he is telling the truth. However, De Niro should have used his index fingers as thumbs have their own pulse.

Correction: Pam mentions that Jack is a human lie detector, so he might just be using the thumbs on the wrist as a way to distract Greg from the stuff he's really looking for.

Audio problem: When Focker is going back to Chicago the woman who is typing stops moving her hands for a little while the clicking noise is still going.

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Pam Byrnes: You never told me about your cat milking days in Motown.

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Trivia: Originally, the film was meant to be a vehicle for Jim Carrey. Among his contributions was Greg's surname, "Focker." Eventually, Carrey left the production, and Ben Stiller took the part.


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Question: Pam, Greg, and Kevin appear to be in their late twenties or early thirties, but Pam says that the movie "Top Gun" was very popular when she was dating Kevin. "Top Gun" was released in 1986; more than ten years before this movie is taking place. Because Pam was engaged to Kevin at one point (she also describes their relationship as "more physical than anything else"), they must have been legal adults when they were together. Why would the movie "Top Gun" have been "very popular" while they were dating?

Answer: Who says they had to have been legal adults to date when Top Gun was popular? They could very well have been teenagers and got engaged shortly afterwards. If Teri Polo and Owen Wilson are playing characters that were born the same years as the actors themselves they would have been 17 and 18 respectively when Top Gun was released. If they are playing characters a few years older than they actually are, which is entirely plausible, what Pam says makes perfect sense.


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