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8.5/10.A seriously underrated horror movie of the 2000's.I enjoyed the idea of a popular girl inhabited by a succubus.Then, making it further complicated.her nerdy best friend has to stop her.The premise is good, set in small town America as if imitating Stephen King's books which also happen in small town America.I would say the whole movie's good with an exception.Adam Brody tries taking up too much of every scene he's in as if scared to be a co-star, He seemed threatened playing behind Amanda Seyfried and Megan Fox.What I enjoyed the most was the chemistry of Seyfried and Fox.They played well off each other, seemed like actual childhood friends who become enemies because of evil.I wish they'd do something else together.This is definitely a pretty good and vastly underrated movie.


Plot hole: There is no way Needy could've caught up to that band that quickly regardless of catching a ride. It probably would've taken her quite a while unless they stayed in one place for a few days.


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Jennifer Check: I feel so scrumptious!

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Question: The scene where Needy is trying to find an outfit to wear to the bar, you see scars - does the movie explain how she got them?

Den Mitchell

Answer: No.

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