Obsessed (2009)

8 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: As Derek Charles hold his cup of coffee and engages in conversation, the cup changes hands several times between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Derek gets the New Year's e-mail from Lisa and he starts closing out the pictures, it shows the screen where he closes out all but two pictures. Then it goes to his face and back to the computer where it's gone back to three or four pictures.


Visible crew/equipment: At the beginning of the film, when Idris Elba walks around the back of the SUV, you can see a reflection of the boom mike in the rear glass.


Continuity mistake: Sharon's shoes change from the time her and Derek walk into the house looking around to when they are in the attic.


Plot hole: A detective would never be assigned to a suicide scene, since suicide is not a crime. A detective would only be assigned if the suicide is actually found as a murder. Nor would a detective be assigned to find out about a potential sexual relationship or affair unless it involves a crime.

Continuity mistake: When the detective talks to Lisa in her hospital bed, the pillow case changes from the pillow showing to it being completely covered and tucked in.


Plot hole: When Lisa sends Derek the email her name is Tempgirl. However, since she no longer works for the company, she shouldn't have access to the company's email.


Continuity mistake: During the fight at the end between Sharon and Lisa, when they are struggling over the phone, Sharon is to the right of Lisa. In the space of one second, the next shot shows them switching places, with Sharon left of Lisa.

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