Pandorum (2009)

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Bower (the engineer), Nadia (the biologist) and Manh (the non-English speaking character) manage to restart the reactor. The reactor kills most of the creatures who had made their nest under it. They all rush back to the main bridge while being chased by the creatures who escaped. Manh gets killed. Bower and Nadia make it back to the bridge. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Leland (the young paranoid man that Payton finds in the ventilation shaft) is actually in Payton's head and that Payton is suffering from Pandorum - the mental space illness. Bower, who has his memories back, realizes that Payton is not who he says he is. Now that the power is back online, all three remaining characters (Bower, Nadia and Payton) converge in the bridge. From information they collected, Bower and Nadia know that Payton was one of the three crewmen who received the message from Earth stating that Earth had been obliterated and that the Elyssia (the ship) was humanities last hope. Payton goes insane from this news and kills his commanding officers. Bower and Nadia demand that Payton tell them where the ship is. Payton opens the visors and there are no stars - only blackness. At this point, Bower is starting to go insane from the stress. Bower and Payton fight and Bower wrestles him to the floor demanding Nadia tell him what she sees. She gasps and he looks up to see sea creatures (they're in an ocean). The ship crash landed on their destination planet roughly 900 years ago! Payton takes this opportunity to attack Bower again. Nadia intervenes. Payton attacks her. Bower is going insane from all the revelations and begins to hallucinate that the creatures are breaking into the bridge. As Payton is about to hurt Nadia, Bower shoots the anti-riot gun at the wall causing the glass to break under the pressure of the ocean. Payton is last seen on the captain's chair as water rushes into the bridge. Nadia and Bower make it to an escape pod just as the creatures breach the room and reach them. Their escape pod has almost filled with water and they are jettisoned upward. They make it to the surface and their pod opens. They are in an ocean, on the destination planet, next to land. Part of the crashed ship is rising from the ocean and looming overhead. The ship jettisons all remaining escape pods since there has been a hull breach. The last screen states the name of the planet: Tanis - Year One - and the number of survivors (roughly 1,200).


Character mistake: When Bower is banging on Payton's hyper sleep chamber from the outside it says Payton, but when it cuts to looking from inside out, it says Bower.

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Payton: Maybe this is a bad time to tell you, but the door is open.
Bower: Are you fucking kidding me?
Payton: Ya I'm kidding you.

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Trivia: This is Dennis Quaid's third time playing an astronaut.

Jedd Jong
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