The Man in the Iron Mask

The plot to kidnap Louis and replace him with Phillip goes bad when D'Artagnan discovers the switch and stops it. Louis sends Phillip back to the prison to wear the Iron Mask. However, upon learning about the existence of Louis' twin brother, and how the evil Louis banished him to a dungeon to rot in an iron mask for his whole life, D'Artagnan turns on the King and joins his friends in the attempt to free Phillip from the dungeon. Louis suspects this, however, and has his Musketeers waiting for them at the jail. A battle ensues. In the midst of the fighting, D'Artagnan reveals to Phillip that he is Phillip and King Louis' father, as the Queen and he are in love. Louis tries to kill Phillip, but D'Artagnan dies protecting him. When the Musketeers see the king murder their Captain, they put Louis in the Iron Mask and proclaim Phillip to be the real Louis. Louis is left in the dungeon in the Iron Mask, and Phillip, forever after known as King Louis XIV, assumes the throne and restores honor to the French crown.


Audio problem: In the Bastille dungeon just after Phillippe knocked out the guard with the key we hear Athos say 'We feared the mask would destroy you', but his lips do not move in sync with this. It looks more like he originally said 'We thought you were dead'. (01:44:54)

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Athos: D'Artagnan, I have never known a finer man than you nor cared more for a friend, but if this king harms my son merely to take a lover, then this king will become my enemy. And so will any man who stands between that enemy and me.

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Trivia: If you look in King Louis' bedroom, there is portrait of the real King Louis XIV.

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Question: How could Louis be the son of a king and Phillipe be the son of D'Artagnan if they're identical twins?

Answer: Both Louis and Philippe are actually D'Artagnan's children. This is why D'Artagnan continues to defend Louis for much of the early part of the film, despite the King's callousness, because he feels that he must defend his son, even against his oldest friends. It's only when he discovers Philippe and realises that he has another son, a humble and decent man, that he's finally able to feel pride as a father and can stand against Louis and his excesses.

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