The Man in the Iron Mask

The plot to kidnap Louis and replace him with Phillip goes bad when D'Artagnan discovers the switch and stops it. Louis sends Phillip back to the prison to wear the Iron Mask. However, upon learning about the existence of Louis' twin brother, and how the evil Louis banished him to a dungeon to rot in an iron mask for his whole life, D'Artagnan turns on the King and joins his friends in the attempt to free Phillip from the dungeon. Louis suspects this, however, and has his Musketeers waiting for them at the jail. A battle ensues. In the midst of the fighting, D'Artagnan reveals to Phillip that he is Phillip and King Louis' father, as the Queen and he are in love. Louis tries to kill Phillip, but D'Artagnan dies protecting him. When the Musketeers see the king murder their Captain, they put Louis in the Iron Mask and proclaim Phillip to be the real Louis. Louis is left in the dungeon in the Iron Mask, and Phillip, forever after known as King Louis XIV, assumes the throne and restores honor to the French crown.


Audio problem: In the Bastille dungeon just after Phillippe knocked out the guard with the key we hear Athos say 'We feared the mask would destroy you', but his lips do not move in sync with this. It looks more like he originally said 'We thought you were dead'. (01:44:54)

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Athos: Is that just because you are holier than everybody else?
Aramis: Well, there is that, but also because I'm more intelligent than everybody else.

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Trivia: After Porthos tries to hang himself, Aramis reveals he had already sawn the beam to prevent the hanging. His comment when the barn subsequently collapses, "I'm a genius, not an engineer" was written as a pun in the original French manuscript. (Je suis un génie, pas un ingénieur).


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Question: I don't know anything about identical twins, so this is why I'm asking this question: how likely is it that Louis and Phillipe would have the exact same speech pattern?

Answer: There would be both genetic similarities and individual differences, and their vocabularies would have developed differently by education and experience. However, Phillipe was heavily tutored before the switch took place, and as "king" he would be able to distance himself (physically, mentally, and emotionally) as much as needed from members of his court until he perfected his role, along with the continued help from those in on the deception. Also, the audience and readers of the novel are expected to employ a certain "suspension of disbelief" in order to allow the story to be told.

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