The Pink Panther 2

Trivia: When Clouseau gets his hand stuck in the car door window in the pre-credits sequence, he steps onto a piano on a moving truck. The notes that play are the first four notes of the "Pink Panther" theme.

Trivia: In his films, director Harald Zwart always sneaks in the flag of his favourite football club, Fredrikstad Fotballklubb. In this film, you can see a flag of the club in the rucksack of Ponton's sons. It is visible when the sons and Clouseau are comparing their medals.

Trivia: Beyonce Knowles, who had portrayed Xenia in the previous Pink Panther movie, did not want to appear in the sequel, and Emma Bunton was selected to replace her. Bunton won the lead female role, and her character's name was to be Mylie Baxter. Unfortunately, Bunton had to withdraw from the project due to her pregnancy, and the character was subsequently deleted from the script.

Continuity mistake: During the restaurant scene in Rome, the Inspector insists on selecting the wine. He picks the first bottle from the middle of the wine rack. In the next shot, the slot is full and he places the bottle in a higher slot. In the third shot, he picks up another bottle from the middle of the rack.

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Mrs. Berenger: I'm going to hold up a series of images, and I want you to tell me what you see. Just say the first thing that comes into your mind.
Inspector Clouseau: A drunken Irishman. An Englishman with bad teeth. A San Francisco nancy boy. A Polish army officer driving a septic tank. [Laughing] Where did you get these cards?


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