Jack and the Beanstalk

Revealing mistake: When the Prince and Princess are catapulted over the wall of the Giant's castle, you can see their shadows on the "sky" above the wall; the sky is a studio wall painted blue.

Revealing mistake: During the scene where the four Ninjas dressed in black have a pillow fight with the 'Girl' Ninja dressed in white, you can see that it's not the little girl fighting them, but a tall 'Oriental Man' stunt double instead.


Revealing mistake: As Jack and the butcher are standing with their backs to the camera and comparing the size of their shadows that stretch out in front of them, Jack's shadow suddenly appears very large. It is understood that the giant is standing behind him. The giant's shadow is quite dark and was obviously added as a special effect, but even though the shadow appears in front of Jack, there is no shadow on Jack's backside, as there would be if the giant were really standing behind him. Then when Jack finally turns around and sees the giant, the large shadow has disappeared.

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