Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

Chun-Li kills Bison. Chun-Li hands over Rose (Bison's daughter) to Charlie and tells him to help her and see to it that she's taken care of. Gen gives to Chun-Li a flyer about a tournament and tells her that a fighter named Ryu is very talented and quite popular. Chun-Li declines to participating in the tournament and is glad to be back home.

Racer X

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Charlie Nash: His name's Bison. I've tracked him through eleven major cities on four continents and never come close, not once. This guy walks through the raindrops. Anybody that's against him is either dead, or on their way.



When Chun-Li and her family arrive at their new home at Hong Kong, as the old servant opens the door, the reflection of the boom mic is visible on the black door.