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Body of Lies (2008)

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Corrected entry: When the duped Egyptian architect realises he is in danger and flees to his car, the first camera tracks him to the vehicle and an object of some kind - a plastic bag or piece of cardboard - is visible under the front of his car. It is gone in the next scene.

Correction: The "object of some kind" is a cat that moves out from under the car, as seen in the next shot.

Corrected entry: When the predator drone follows the caravan of cars, the sand storm they cause blocks the view of the vehicles. In reality the drone's camera would switch to infra red and the sandstorm would be pointless.

Correction: Using infrared on a red-hot desert with hot air isn't such a bright idea. Do you really think they could see through the red-hot sand cloud the terrorist made?

Correction: Though it was the "next shot", the movie never explicitly suggested how much time had passed between the two different scenes. In the second scene his face did still have some slight bruising, indicating that he probably waited a week or two to heal so his appearance wouldn't be too gruesome when Aisha saw him again.

Factual error: When Leonardo DiCaprio is arriving on the tarmac at what is supposed to be Abu Dhabi, the main (and very distinctive) Dulles airport terminal is visible in the background.

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Ed Hoffman: It is a fallacy that prolonged war will weaken an occupied enemy. It most likely will make your enemy stronger.

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Trivia: The Noordermarkt scene in Amsterdam was not really shot there. In fact it wasn't shot in the Netherlands at all. The Noordermarkt in the film looks nothing like the real Noordermarkt, and more like an Asian or Indian market. The noise of people talking in the background does not resemble anything close to Dutch. The cars in the scene are rarely seen in the Netherland because they are too outdated to be seen frequently, especially all together. At timecode 42:30 you can see a police car with "POLICE" written on the side of it. However, in real life, Dutch police cars do not use the English word for police. "Politie" would have been the correct word, but even then the police car would not be convincing, as official police cars look entirely different. Finally, the firetruck appearing later in the scene is not a type used in the Netherlands, but appears to be an American Pierce Lance truck with Dutch fire engine stickers on it. Dutch firetrucks are usually of European make: DAF, MAN or Mercedes. (00:41:50 - 00:43:30)

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