Fireproof (2008)

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Corrected entry: When Catherine searches through her drawer to find her ring, she puts it on her left hand, then you see her put her hands up to her face and the ring is on her right hand. It switches back to her left when she fixes her makeup. (01:00:20)

Correction: Some of the shots are of her face in the mirror. If you look at the part in her hair it is on the same side of the ring in all shots, mirror or face on. She wears her hair parted on the left even years later.

Corrected entry: Caleb mentions several times that he is a captain, and he is wearing a red helmet. Fire department captains wear black helmets.

Correction: It may be true for some specific departments that their captains' helmets are black, but not for all. Some have white and yellow, some red and yellow, etc.

Corrected entry: During the wreck on the train tracks scene, Captain Holt speaks with the teenager, Bethany, in the first shot, and there is nobody else in the car with her. As she says "Help me please, I can't get out," you can see the empty passenger seat. In the next shot, it shows her unconscious friend in the passenger seat as Capt. Holt asks Bethany "Where are you hurting?" In the next shot, it goes back to just Bethany in the car, and for the next several shots the friend isn't in the car until Rookie Eric says "Captain, she's alive but not responding". It flips again to just the driver a few shots later.

Correction: The angle of this shot shows the back seat, not the passenger seat where someone is sitting.

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