Zack & Miri Make a Porno

Trivia: There's a hockey team called the Monroeville Zombies. Monroeville was the setting of George A. Romero's Zombie film.

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Trivia: When the film was screened for the MPAA, one of the officials initially believed that in the second sex scene between Lester and Stacy, Lester spilled coffee onto Deacon from the coffee mug he was holding. It wasn't until the official noticed a piece of corn stuck to Deacon's face a few shots later that he realized what had actually happened.

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Trivia: The fact that the characters shoot the film during the night at the cafe is a reference to director Kevin Smith's first film, Clerks , which was filmed during the night in the convenience store where he used to work.

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Factual error: After punching an opposing hockey player, Deacon is sent to the penalty box. Goalies are never sent to the box; they are assessed penalty minutes, and their time is served by a teammate.

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Zack Brown: I'm a guy. You give me a two popsicle sticks and a rubber band and I'll find a way to fuck it like a filthy MacGyver!

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