Day Watch

Anton goes to the apartment where he made the deal with the witch (in the previous film) to kill his son Yegor while he was in the womb. He writes NO on the wall with the Chalk of Fate. This changes what happened back in 1992 and instead he doesn't make the deal and alters the war between Light and Dark. By not making the deal, Anton doesn't join the Night Watch and Yegor doesn't join the Dark Ones. As Anton's leaving the apartment (back in '92), Geser and Zavulon watch to see if he recognizes Svetlana (they haven't met yet) as they pass by each other on the street. The two pass by each other without a word but then Anton turns around, says "You look familiar" and starts talking with Svetlana, suggesting that they get to know each other and then love each other...

Racer X

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