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Corrected entry: When W. is giving George Sr. a tour of Arlington Stadium in 1990, they comment in passing that it was a mistake to trade Sammy Sosa. By the end of the 1990 season, Sosa's career was relatively unremarkable: he was hitting a career .242, with just 23 home runs and 96 RBIs. It wasn't until 1998 with the Chicago Cubs that Sosa's stardom really took off.

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Correction: They still saw it as a mistake. In '89 the Rangers used two young outfielders (Sosa and Juan Gonzalez), but Juan stayed in the minors for most of the '90 season and didn't perform as Sosa did. In '89 the White Sox finished 7th in the division and then in the '90 season finished 2nd, above the Rangers who finished 3rd.


Factual error: In the scene where., we see George Bush's speech writers in the final stage of writing the speech, we see a shot of a man working on a computer. The operating system seen on the computer screen is Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger which was released in 2005. The year this scene happened in as noted at the beginning of the scene is 2003.

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George H. W. Bush: Who do you think you are, a Kennedy? You're a Bush. Act like one.

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Trivia: Christian Bale was originally cast as George W. Bush, but left the production before filming started. Josh Brolin was cast at the last minute instead.

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