Babylon A.D.

Corrected entry: On the scene where Toorop's car is getting thrown with rocks from the kids, as the car exits from view, you will see a rock bounce high, falls down, then bounces up for a second time.

Correction: That's not a mistake. The rock is rounded. It likely hit the ground, rolled, hit something and bounced back up. It initially hit the ground below the camera view, and popped back up. We can't see what it hit before it bounced.


Corrected entry: We are told that Toorop's parents' home was "probably destroyed". We are led to believe that this would've been many years before the end of the movie. But when you look at the remains of the cabin you can see all of the old broken wood except for one large wall (right before Aurora smiles at him) that looks like a relatively fresh break. This was most likely from having to build the set and forgetting to artificially age part of it as other breaks look properly aged. (01:30:10)


Correction: Or it was intended to be from natural weather damage, and was therefore made to look like a more a recent break. The cabin didn't likely collapse on itself all at once. Set designers put a lot of attention to detail into what they do; they don't just "forget" to add a detail to one part of the set, when they've added that same detail to every other part of it.

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Corrected entry: In the train ride scene, a little girl is suddenly sitting on sister Rebekah's lap sleeping, and then when they get off the train she is gone. It is never explained who the little girl is, where she came from or where she went.

Correction: She's just a random, nameless passenger on the train. She was tired, had no place to sit, and Sister Rebekah is a very kind person who allowed the child to sleep on her lap. Nothing more to it.

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Corrected entry: After Toorop is brought before Aurora's "father", we find out that his lower left leg is a prosthetic. Not long after, Toorop blows up two SUVs that are hunting him and Aurora. As he's sitting back, you see his left leg, and it's definitely his real skin.

Correction: Prosthetics can be very convincing. Just because it looks like real skin doesn't mean that it is.

Corrected entry: Shortly after Toorop picks up the package, they are driving through Troitsk. As the kids on the street throw rocks at the car, you can see, when the car drives off screen, one of the rocks bouncing very high. Obviously a prop rock.

Correction: How is that obvious? The rock could have been thrown very hard and hit at an angle that caused it to bounce high.

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