The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Trivia: Michelle Yeoh and Jet Li are martial arts icons of Asian Cinema and are real-life friends, as well as acting together on numerous films, but this marks the first time they are playing enemies.

Trivia: The name of first assistant director, P.J. Voeten, appears as the brand name of the dynamite which is planned to be used for the blow-up of the tower in the Gateway.

Trivia: The motorbikes with sidecars used in the chase are a playful homage to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, in which Indy and his dad escape on a motorbike with almost the same configuration.

Trivia: The French Foreign Legion uniform hanging in Rick's closet is Brendan Fraser's actual wardrobe from the first film.

Trivia: At one point, Jonathan briefly mentions that he'd like to open a casino while talking to himself at Shangri-La. This is a reference to the original script for the prior film "The Mummy Returns", in which Jonathan did indeed own a casino, before it was cut out due to pacing and budgetary reasons.

Trivia: All of the Chinese soldiers wear Nazi soldier uniforms with the swastikas replaced by Chinese characters. The officers wear SS uniforms with the same modifications. This is done to make it easier to identify them as bad guys.

Trivia: During the museum melee, Rick kicks a gun along the floor to Evey. Immediately after this, we see the Emperor begin to transform. If you listen carefully, you can hear the Wilhelm scream as he begins to do this.

Trivia: A fourth film in the series, under the working title "The Mummy: Rise of the Aztec," was rumored for a number of years after the release of this third film due to its financial success. Brendan Fraser, Luke Ford, John Hannah and Maria Bello were reportedly all contracted for the film, while Antonio Banderas had been approached for the part of the villain. After significant progress had failed to be made by 2012, the film was quietly cancelled, and the series was eventually rebooted in 2017.


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Jonathan Carnahan: I hate mummies. They never play fair.



The aircraft used to fly to Shangri-La is a Bristol Beaufighter, a single seat long range fighter bomber. It was not a transport aircraft and could not carry passengers. Some variants of the Beaufighter were two seaters but none at all could be used as small airliners as they do here. It is not possible to simply reconfigure the aircraft as shown here - the centre of gravity, balance and trim would all be thrown out. The resulting jury-built aircraft would be uncontrollable in flight.