Made of Honor

Continuity mistake: The range rovers used to transport everyone to the wedding, or in Tom's case to wherever he was going to catch his plane, share an identical license plate number. Two different places but same id?

Continuity mistake: When they are all going to the wedding in the black SUVs there are three of them, driving side by side on the road. Yet in the next shot there's only one, then back and forth until they arrive at the church where there is only one where the bride gets out and everyone else greets her even though they were all arriving together.

Made of Honor mistake picture

Continuity mistake: As Tom's dad's bride (girl from Nip/Tuck)is walking into the church, her lawyer is escorting her while holding a briefcase. When he kisses her on the cheek, the camera cuts instantly to a closer shot. There are several things different in the new shot. The lawyer no longer has the briefcase, the lawyer no longer has the pre-nup in his hand, the bride's bracelet is in a different position and there are now several people in the background (there were none in the previous shot). (00:15:25)

Continuity mistake: When Tom and his friend Felix are walking down the street in NY, (while Tom tells him that he is going to be the made-of-honor) they buy two bottles of water and they seem tarnished by the cold but in few shots later the cold is gone.


Continuity mistake: When Tom is in the food shop with the woman and she drops a fried dumpling on him, in the front shot she moves her chopsticks, then 2 seconds later from the side shot she moves them again.


Continuity mistake: Hannah and Tom are in the restaurant eating, and Hannah puts some of the dumpling in her mouth. From the side shot she's not chewing, then in the front shot she is, then from a side shot she puts more food in her mouth, it cuts to the front shot and she's not eating again.


Continuity mistake: When Tom purchases the yellow roses, the bouquet appears to contain about six flowers, but when he reaches the restaurant the bouquet is much larger.

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