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DOA: Dead or Alive (2006)

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Corrected entry: When Christie knocks out Helena during the rain fight, Helena is lying in a large puddle of rain water. In the next subsequent shot, she is lying in wet sand.

Correction: That entire fight consists of shots some time apart from each other. Just like the shot in which Helena is holding and pulling Christie, and in the next shot (without realistically enough time), the roles are reversed.


Continuity mistake: When Helena is fighting all the guards on the staircase, there are knocked out guards and a samurai sword lying directly behind her foot. In the next shot, they are all to the side so that Helena can run down the steps.

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Christie Allen: Look at this. They've been monitoring everything we do.
Tina Armstrong: Jeez, bunch of pervs.

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Trivia: A Wilhelm scream can be heard during the beach volleyball/fighting scene - a henchman is thrown off a balcony and emits one as he falls.

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