Brother Bear 2

Brother Bear 2 (2006)

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Corrected entry: Whenever an animal speaks English in this movie, their mouths are forming the words they say, like a regular human. But when we hear them speaking bear language, their mouths are moving completely differently.

Brad Premium member

Correction: That's because they want you to under stand what they are saying. If their mouths moved like a bear, the dialogue would look weird. And if the bears mouth moved like a human that would also look weird. Like for example, the movie Mulan. Everyone speaks English but they are all Chinese. They just want you to understand what they say.

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The whole plot of the first "Brother Bear" was that Kenai had to go to that mountain to become human. But at the end of this movie, the spirits were about to change Kenai back into a human in the middle of a cliff, which makes the entire first movie completely pointless.



When Kenai and Nita are talking after crossing the river, look at the shadows. Kenai's shadow is behind Nita, giving the impression that she has the shadow of a bear. Possible foreshadowing? (No pun intended.).