College Road Trip

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Chief James Porter is watching his daughter dancing through the window, the curtains are all the way closed. When he gets a ladder to climb up, the curtains are a 1/4 of the way open.

Michael Piscitelli

Continuity mistake: When the family arrives at the hotel after walking through the woods, Raven is wearing a different hat than when she started the walk, as well as her dad's police jacket, and her hair is disheveled. Then, when she is shown walking into the lobby she is wearing her original hat, her hair is perfect, and the jacket is gone.

Michael Piscitelli

Continuity mistake: When they are in the car, if you look in the back, the lanes that they are in changes even though the car doesn't change lanes.

Michael Piscitelli

Continuity mistake: When Mr. and Mrs. Porter are going to bed, Mrs. Porter puts on a pink and red sleeping mask that says 'wake me with a kiss'. In the next shot of her, she is not wearing a mask at all, then next shot she is wearing a mask that is pink with white frills. The next morning, when they are woken up by Meloney, Mrs. Porter is wearing the pink and red mask again.

Continuity mistake: Just before they land on the golf course, the guy who is attempting the putt has an iron of some kind in his hand the whole time, but it changes to a putter, just as he lines up to attempt the putt.


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