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The Bank Job (2008)

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Corrected entry: They spend the weekend tunneling, but are relatively pristine when they emerge into the vault. No way.

Correction: They did not go straight into the vault, they waited until the air was clear giving them enough time to change clothes.

Corrected entry: During the scene in the pub where Terry tells Martine he's taking a break from the robbery, he's not only served a pint within seconds of walking to the bar, he didn't actually get around to ordering it in the first place. That's good service when you not only get served within 15 seconds after arrival, but the bartender uses telepathy to figure out what you want.

Correction: Martine gives Terry the pint she'd previously ordered from the bartender (with the smokes and chips).

Corrected entry: During the robbery the group opens a wine/champagne bottle. Jason Statham's character says it's from '47, possibly being a nod to him being wanted by fans for the role of Agent 47, the main character from the movie Hitman.>/i>

Correction: This is an assumption, and using the word "possibly" doesn't make it valid trivia, and the fact that Jason Statham was not even considered by the filmmakers for the role of Agent 47 it is baseless.

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Corrected entry: Most (if not all) the cars/trucks that appeared in direct shots in the movie appeared to be in immaculate condition. Even the vans used during the robbery looked like they just rolled off the showroom floor (i.e. washed/waxed and not even a bit of dust on them). You'd think that with the movie being set in London, at least the service vehicles would be a little grimy and banged up a bit.

Correction: Why? The vehicles are all period vehicles, and represented as being recent model years which fit in with the timeline of the movie. I have an 18 year old car which looks like it is only a couple of years old, and it's driven daily. It's not banged up, and is washed weekly. The service truck I used to drive was required to be washed daily, and any accidents, no matter how minor had to be reported and repaired. As for dust, there is some visible dust/dirt on more than a couple of vehicles. (Thanks HD DVD).

Corrected entry: Michael X (Abdul Malick) is from Trinidad, but the actor has a very strong Jamaican accent which is very far from a Trinidadian accent.

Correction: Not everyone speaks with the accent of their native country. Many people adopt the accent of the place where they receive their education, the country they move to, or the group of people they are closely associated with. After moving to the United Kingdom in 1957 any number of factors could have had an influence on the way he spoke. And, there will always be some differences between the historical character and the actor portraying him on screen - saying that Moses didn't speak English with a slight midwest accent would not be a valid movie mistake.

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Factual error: In the end credits, the characters are grouped into categories - the category "THE VILLAINS" is misspelled as "THE VILLIANS".

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Terry Leather: There's another problem. This robbery's pissed off some local villains.
Tim Everett: The guts come with the glory, eh?
Terry Leather: One of our mates has been killed.
Tim Everett: Hardly surprising considering the roster of reprobates that are the safe deposit box customers. Listen Terry, our commitment is for the recovery of the royal portraits only. The proceeds and the piss-offs are both yours to deal with.

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Question: If so many famous, high-ranking people were involved, and many of the records of the heist are classified, how did the complete story become known? It would seem no one should have known about the photographs and such.

Answer: The complete story isn't known. There was a bank robbery, and after a few days of press coverage there was a gag order put in place to keep the press from talking about it. No one knows for certain why other than the people who were involved. This film is speculation, a possible reason for why there was a gag order. The producers of the film claim to have been working with an inside source who knew the truth for the gag order and cover-up. Whether the producers really did have an inside source, or that the source was telling the truth, will likely never be known for certain.

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