The Other Boleyn Girl

Corrected entry: In the movie it was portrayed that king Henry fell off his horse at his first meeting with Anne and that he was not badly injured. Henry was actually married to Anne when the horse fell on top of him and his injuries would have been very bad as the horse falling on top of him would have been like being involved in a 40mph car crash with no protection.


Correction: True as that might be regarding King Henry, the fact is this movie is not a documentary, so the filmmakers are well within their rights, by means of artistic license, to fabricate plot points and change or embellish any of the historical facts to suit their storyline.

Corrected entry: Mary Boleyn was single when she had her affair with Henry VIII, then was quickly "married off" by Henry to another man when his attention turned towards Anne. Mary's son was born during a time frame that suggests that either of the two men could have been the father. However, most historians believe that if Henry truly believed that the boy was his, he would have made some sort of provision for allowing the child to succeed to the throne if necessary, just as he did with his son by mistress Bessie Blount.

Correction: This is not true. The movie is based on the book by Philippa Gregory, which states that Mary was married with William Carey when she was 12, whereas she started her affair with Henry at 14 years old. She then moved out of the house she shared with William, to live close to the Queen in the Palace and never again slept with her husband until her affair with Henry was done. Therefore, both her children were Henry's.

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King Henry viii: I have torn this country apart for you.
Anne Boleyn: For which you should thank me, not be angry.
King Henry viii: Broken with Rome.
Anne Boleyn: Freed yourself, more like, from the decadence of a corrupt church.
King Henry viii: Got rid of a good woman in the queen.
Anne Boleyn: And with Spanish blood shackles you to Rome.
King Henry viii: Of which I would be excommunicated.
Anne Boleyn: And instead, become head of a new church! The Church of England.



In the scene where Mary is leaving court and you see Henry riding a horse with Anne on the back, you can hear a siren go off twice.