Witness for the Prosecution

After realising he's about to lose Because of Leonard's lying wife, Chrisitne, outraged sir Wilfird returns home, thinking of ways to Save Leonard Vole's life, when suddenly he recieves a call from an anonymous woman, telling him that she has got evidences exposing Christine as a liar. When he comes to meet her, the horribly disfigured woman shows him a bunch of letters, in which Chrisitne wrote to her lover, "MAX", that she is Leonard's Only hope, and that they are about to be togather again. The woman explains that Christine stole the heart of her boyfriend and shows an ugly scar on her cheek, claiming that it was Christine's act. she then Walks away. At the trial, Wilfrid exposes Christine as a liar and Leonard is voted not guilty by the Jury. When everybody leaves the trial, Robarts stays alone with Christine and asks why did she do it. She then reveals he horriffic Truth - She WAS the horribly disfigured lady, and the letters were fake. She knew that if she will be exposed as a liar, Leonard will be set free. "why didn't you work with me if you knew he was innocent?!" He asks, surprised. It is then when Christine reveals the Shocking Truth - Leonard did commit the murder, and as a loving wife, she saved him. Leonard then arrives smiling and watches outraged Wilfrid telling him, "YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!". Only Then Leonard's Lover arrives, and Chrisitne stabs him to death. Wilfrid, Surprised by Christine Actions, decide to appear for the defence in the trial of Christine Vole.

Itamar The D.R. Endings

Sir Wilfrid: Kings, prime ministers, archbishops, even barristers have stood in the dock.

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