Warlock (1989)

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Continuity mistake: When Redferne finds the page of the Grand Grimoire, he is holding it with his right hand. In the next shot, he is holding it with his left hand. (00:52:17)

Revealing mistake: In the scene at the graveyard, after the Warlock assembles the Grand Grimoire and commands it to say God's true name, the fake headstone behind him starts to fall over. (01:33:02)

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Suggested correction: Other headstones can be seen falling before this scene.

Boy: You tellin' me you're a witch? You ain't no witch! Witches are girls.
Warlock: Some are men.
Boy: Yeah? So where's your broomstick? Witches fly on broomsticks. Didn't you never see The Wizard of Oz?
Warlock: I need no broomstick to fly.
Boy: Yeah? What do you need?
[Warlock laughs evilly].

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