Continuity mistake: During one scene in Camryn's Halloween birthday party (where she is wearing a silver mask), it is actually Tia playing this role instead of Tamera.

Continuity mistake: When the Darkness attacks during Camryn's birthday party, Ileana and Camryn run up the stairs, and as they enter the bedroom the drawing of Thantos that Camryn holds is undamaged. When the Darkness takes Ileana, Camryn stands beside her closet across the room and in the next shot the drawing she holds has burnt edges, though the Darkness was never near her or the drawing.

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Continuity mistake: Lucinda prepared a frosted chocolate cake that had "Happy Birthday Alex" written on it. Although Alex has the slice of cake on her plate with the capital "A" on the frosting, the rest of the uncut cake still has the "Happy Birthday A" written on it. (00:56:10)

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Continuity mistake: After Thantos is driven out and Miranda returns, just as Ileana and Karsh argue about Karsh's crankiness, Miranda is not wearing her necklace, but it suddenly reappears in the next overhead shot, as she hugs the twins. (01:22:35)

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Continuity mistake: After the twins see a bit of Coventry for the first time, in Camryn's bedroom, when she pleads with Alex not to leave, in the close-up Alex has tears in her eyes and her black eyeliner is nearly gone. When she turns around in the next close-up her eyes aren't even moist and her eyeliner is perfect.

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Continuity mistake: Though the maid is sucked up by the darkness, when Cameron and Alex defeat him, she is not at Coventry.

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Suggested correction: This might be because she isn't magical.

Continuity mistake: During Camryn's birthday party, the large yellow feather in her father's hat changes sides and also its characteristics such as size.

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Continuity mistake: After the darkness leaves Camryn's room, we see her crumble up the burnt drawing and drop it on the floor. Moments later we see it being restored by Miranda.


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