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The Orphanage (2007)

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Corrected entry: I find it hard to believe that Simon (the missing little boy), after being locked in the house of Thomas, would still be wearing the mask. He's been trying to get out of that room since his mother locked him in. We hear the bang of him falling down the stairs many hours later. You'd think he would have taken of the mask.


Correction: The fact that he didnt remove the mask is not a movie mistake. He chose to keep it on for whatever reason. Sometimes people, especially kids, do weird and random things.


Corrected entry: If you look carefully, the magnum has room for only eight bullets in it, but it is shot more than eight times without reloading.


Correction: Sorry, I have submitted this for the wrong movie and have yet to learn how to delete my entries. ****As a checker, I've accepted this correction of your own mistake and will try to offer you a bit of help. Click on the blue "Logged in as mu695" at the upper right-hand corner of an MM page, which will bring you to your "Member's Homepage". At the bottom of the page it will read "You have xxx entries online (including trivia). Click here", so when you click on it all of your online mistake submissions will appear. However, since I've accepted this correction, this corrected mistake will appear elsewhere. Back on your homepage there also appears "xxx of your submissions have been corrected. Click here", which is where this specific mistake and its correction will show up when you click on that option. Now you can delete this entry properly. Hope this helps. Signed, mistake checker.


Corrected entry: Not exactly continuity or plot hole, but when Laura is in the closet with the doorknob, she discovers the hidden door by tearing the wallpaper along the edges. Wouldn't Simon have disturbed the wallpaper when he went downstairs months before?

Correction: You have to remember that Laura was in the dreamstate-dead world, so everything about the normal world is different. Hence, the stairs not being broken, the pictures on the wall, her son being in the closet instead of towelos, etc. So the wallpaper would not be disturbed either.

Corrected entry: How does Simon get into the "secret" closet, if Laura had the handle to the door that she had to "discover" the whole time?

Correction: He opened it and then hid the door handle so his mother would have to "find it". When she inadvertently locked him in, he couldn't open it from the inside.


Continuity mistake: The amount of sacks by the oven that Laura moves away keeps increasing and decreasing randomly all the time.

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Laura: 1, 2, 3. Toca la pared.

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